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GDF Annual Results Presentation

This presentation (Presentation) has been prepared on behalf of GARDA Capital Limited (ACN 095 039 366) (AFSL 246714) (GARDA) as responsible entity of the GARDA Diversified Property Fund
ARSN 104 391 273 (GDF or the Fund). The information and statements in this Presentation were prepared or are made only as of the date of this Presentation, unless otherwise stated.

This Presentation contains general and summary information about the current activities of GDF. It also does not purport to be complete or contain all information which would be relevant to new units,
existing or prospective investors of GDF. No member of the GARDA group or any of their related entities and their respective directors, employees, officers and advisers give any warranties in relation to the
statements and information contained in or referred to in this Presentation.

This Presentation has been compiled from sources which GARDA believes to be reliable. However, it is not audited, and is not a product disclosure statement (PDS) or other disclosure document as defined
in the Corporations Act 2001, and has not been lodged with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). It is not, nor does it purport to be, complete or include all the information that a
PDS or other disclosure document may contain. Historical financial and other ‘continuous disclosure’ information required by law can be found at the GARDA website www.gardacapital.com.au and in the
audited financial statements (also on the website). All references to dollars or $ in this document are to Australian currency.


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